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Thank you for visiting the Contextures website, where you will find Excel tips, tutorials and videos. You can find a list of articles on the Excel Tips page, and the latest and most popular articles are listed below.

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  • 2015/03/19: Learn 7 ways to count in Excel, with function tips and tricks
  • 2015/03/23: Excel Roundup: Expense calculator, Power BI updates, keyboard shortcuts, remove colours + more
  • 2015/03/27: This week's collection of Excel tweets, for your Friday entertainment.
  • 2015/03/31: Improve your Excel skills with online pivot table course from Excel University. Save 20% with discount code: contextures2015 - valid until 3/31/15

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Contextures has created several Excel based products, to help you save time, or improve your Excel skills. You can see the details on our Contextures Products page.

One of our most popular products is the PivotPower Premium add-in, with its time-saving pivot table tools.


Debra Dalgleish has written 3 pivot table books, published by Apress. You can purchase the books on Amazon, and click the Table of Contents links below, for more details.

Beginning Pivot Tables in Excel 2007

Beginning Pivot Tables in Excel 2007 explains what Pivot Tables are, how you can benefit from using them, how to create them and modify them, and how to use their enhanced features. It's for those who are new to pivot tables, and those who have used pivot tables in other versions of Excel and want to learn about the new features in Excel 2007.

  • Shows benefits of using Pivot Tables for fast data analysis
  • Step-by-step approach to those new to Pivot Tables
  • Tips and tricks for working with pivot tables

For more details, view the Table of Contents Order from:

Excel 2007 Pivot Tables Recipes

Excel 2007 Pivot Tables Recipes assumes that you know the basics of Excel and pivot tables, and provides troubleshooting tips and techniques, and programming examples.

It's designed to help you understand the advanced features and options that are available, as you need them.

For more details, view the Table of Contents

Excel Pivot Tables Recipe Book

 Excel Pivot Tables Recipe Book follows a problem-solution format that covers the entire breadth of situations you might encounter when working with PivotTables -- from planning and creating, to formatting and extracting data, to maximizing performance and troubleshooting. numerous PivotTable programming examples.

For more details, view the Table of Contents

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In addition to the Excel tutorials that you'll find here, please visit the following blogs, for more Excel and pivot table tips.

For a behind the scenes look at Excel consulting and website management, visit Debra's blog..

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