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Contextures Inc. Contact Information

To contact Contextures Inc., please see the options listed below.

Product Support

If you have questions about a Contextures product, please send an email to:

Debra Dalgleish - ddalgleish @

For help with customizing one of our products, please see the Consulting section, below.


Website Suggestions

If you have suggestions for articles on this website, or wish to report an error in an article or sample file, please send an email to:

Debra Dalgleish - ddalgleish @


Help With Excel

For free help with Microsoft Excel, you can post questions in the Microsoft forums, which provide free peer-to-peer support. The forums are very active, with many experts answering questions, 24 hours a day.

You can access the forums through the Microsoft web site, and here's a link to the Excel Answers forum:

For Excel programming questions:


Consulting Services

If you need help adapting one of the sample files to your workbook, or for other Excel projects, Contextures' consulting services, when available, are billed at a rate of $130 US per hour interval, prepaid.

For more information, please contact:

ddalgleish @


Company Contact

  • Owner: Debra Dalgleish
  • Company Name: Contextures Inc.
  • Address: 7334 Aspen Ave., Mississauga, ON, Canada L5N 6P2
  • Email: ddalgleish @



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