CTX Backup Pro

Use Contextures CTX Backup Pro to create quick backup files of the active workbook, while you work in Excel. It's great insurance for your hard work! With one click, make a quick backup into a designated folder. Or, choose a folder, and save your backup there.

Latest version: Version 1.01, March 10, 2018 (minor change to guide)

Watch this quick demo, to see how it works.

Stay Safe With CTX Backup Pro

Protect your Excel work! Don't let these problems happen to you:

  • After hours of work on a complex workbook, Excel suddenly crashes, and you lose everything that you've done. Even if you have the AutoSave feature turned on, it might not be able to restore everything.
  • While working on a key file, you delete a worksheet that doesn't seem important. Hours later, you discover that you really did need that sheet, but Excel won't let you undo that mistake.

Save Time With CTX Backup Pro

CTX Backup Pro add-in helps you avoid those problems. Just click the Backup Pro button every few minutes, while working on your files.

Also, before you make a major change to an Excel file, click the Backup Pro button to create a new copy of your active workbook. If something goes wrong, you can revert to that backup file.

Backup Pro Benefits

  • Make a quick backup, without disrupting your work.
  • The active workbook is not affected -- a new workbook is created and saved.
  • Save backups in the current folder, a designated folder, or choose a folder on the fly.

Backup Pro commands

Backup Pro Options

In the CTX Backup Pro Options window, choose what you'd like added to the end of default file names --

  • Date and Time Stamp -- turn this on or orr
  • Text -- enter the text that you want to include at the end of the file name, or leave blank
  • Designated Folder -- choose a folder in which to store your backup files (when using the Designated Folder options)
  • Selected Sheets Warning -- turn this message on or off -- it warns that broken links and references might occur when only the selected sheets are saved.

backup pro option settings

Choose a Folder

If you click on the " Choose a Folder" option in any of the backup categories, a window opens, where you can enter a file name, and choose any folder for the backup file.

choose a folder

Getting Started

In addition to the CTX Backup Pro Add-in file, the CTX Backup Pro Add-in kit includes a short "Getting Started" guide, which explains how the add-in works, and how to install it.

The Ribbon also has screen tips to guide you as you work with the add-in.

Backup Pro screen tips

Discounts for Multiple Items

When you purchase more than one copy of a Contextures product, or purchase multiple products, in the same order, Contextures Inc. is pleased to offer the following discounts.

These percentage discounts are applied automatically to your order.

  • For 2 items -- 10% discount
  • For 3 items -- 15% discount
  • For 4 items -- 20% discount
  • For 5 items -- 25% discount
  • For 20 items -- 35% discount
  • For 50 items -- 40% discount
  • For 100 or more items -- 50% discount

Get the CTX Backup Pro Add-in Now

Click the Add to Cart button, to get the CTX Backup Pro add-in. Step by step purchase instructions are listed below.

Excel Versions

  • This Add-in is for Excel 2007 or later .
  • It is for Windows versions only -- not available for Macintosh Excel

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How the Payment Process Works

  1. To start your purchase, click the Add to Cart button.
  2. In the shopping cart, click the orange button – Check out with PayPal
  3. On the PayPal page, scroll down a bit, and click the grey button – Pay with Debit or Credit Card
  4. That takes you to the secure PayPal Guest Checkout, where you can fill in your information
  5. Then, click the Pay Now button, to complete the purchase.
  6. After you make the payment, you will be redirected to a secure download page, on the e-junkie website.
  7. Within 30 minutes, you will also receive an email with a link to the download page. If you do not receive the link, please contact me at
  8. Your download will be available for 48 hours, or 5 downloads, whichever comes first.
  9. If you have any trouble with the download process, please contact me at

Licensing the CTX Backup Pro Add-in

The CTX Backup Pro Add-in licence is for a single (1) user. Copies of CTX Backup Pro can be installed on that user's home and/or work computers.

Unconditional 30 Day Guarantee

After you purchase the CTX Backup Pro Add-in, you may return it for any reason, within 30 days. Your purchase amount will be fully refunded.

Product Updates

If this product is updated in the future, you will be able to download the latest version, at no additional cost. Product updates are announced in the Contextures Weekly Excel News, and the latest version numbers are shown at the bottom of the Contextures Excel Products page.

To get the latest version of a product that you purchased, use the original download link that you got after purchasing. Or, if you need a new link, please email me -- Debra Dalgleish - ddalgleish @




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