Contextures Excel Tools Add-in

The Contextures Excel Tools add-in helps you by automating many of the features that aren't built in to Excel, and by making some of the buried Excel features easier to access.

Latest version: 1.091 Feb 20, 2019 (2 new DV lists, Numbers As Text)

Contextures Excel Tools Add-in Overview

The Contextures Excel Tools add-in saves you time and effort, when working with Excel worksheets. For example, you can quickly:

  • Fill blank cells
  • Protect or unprotect all sheets
  • Make a backup copy, on the fly

This add-in creates a Ribbon tab, and is for Excel 2016/2013 / 2010 / 2007. It will not work in Excel 2003, and earlier versions. (Excel for Windows only -- Does Not Work in Excel for Macintosh)

Here is a screen shot of a few commands from the Ribbon.

ribbon left

Video: Excel Tools Demo

To see a few key features of the Excel Tools add-in, please watch this short video demonstration.

Many More Features

In addition to the features described above, there are many more timesaving commands in the Excel Tools add-in. You can see the ribbon commands in the screen shot below. You can see the full list of features here, in a pdf file.

  • Comments: Create a list, resize and reset comments, format all comments
  • Formatting: Center text across the selected cells, hide blank rows
  • Lists: Create a list of all sheets, all formulas, all data validation
  • Cleanup: Convert text "numbers" to real numbers, fill blank cells from above
  • Page Setup: Change page layout to fit on one printed page
  • Protect Sheets: Protect or unprotect all sheets, with or without a password
  • Workbook: Make backup file, Hide/Show Tabs, Scrollbars, Headings, Gridlines
  • Developer: Sort sheets, turn on enable events, create list of colors

ribbon left

ribbon right

User Guide

The Excel Tools kit includes a short user guide which explains how the add-in works, and how to install it. The Ribbon also has screen tips to guide you as you work with the add-in.

super tips

Customer Review

Here's what one customer had to say about the Contextures Excel Tools add-in:

"We are land developers/builders of single family homes in Southern California.  We rely heavily on excel.  For many decades, we were struggling backing up our Excel workbooks until we found Debra's Excel backup add-in.

The add-in works great and has basically solved our backing up dilemma.  Out of the blue, Microsoft changed the add-in behavior blanket-wise, and without warning.  Once the add-in failed, Debra did not hesitate to answer each and every of my emails, all within moments whenever possible, and she went out of her way to find the root of the problem.  I was pleased to see how much pride she takes in her work, and especially her diligent communication skills.

You out there: if you ever need Excel help, I can assure you that Debra is your programmer if you are looking for a professional to hire." -- Alex

Excel Tools Licensing

The Excel Tools add-in is licensed to a single user, and 2 copies can be installed on that user's home and/or work computers.

Discounts for Multiple Items

When you purchase more than one copy of a Contextures product, or purchase multiple products, in the same order, Contextures Inc. is pleased to offer the following discounts.

These percentage discounts are applied automatically to your order.

  • For 2 items -- 10% discount
  • For 3 items -- 15% discount
  • For 4 items -- 20% discount
  • For 5 items -- 25% discount
  • For 20 items -- 35% discount
  • For 50 items -- 40% discount
  • For 100 or more items -- 50% discount

Buy the Excel Tools Add-in

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Excel Versions:

  • This add-in is for Excel 2007 or later .
  • It is for Windows versions only -- not designed for Macintosh Excel

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How the Payment Process Works

  1. To start your purchase, click the Add to Cart button.
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Licensing the Contextures Excel Tools Add-in

The Contextures Excel Tools Add-in licence is for a single (1) user. You may use the downloaded material for personal or business use, but may not resell or repackage the contents.

Unconditional 30 Day Guarantee

After you purchase the Contextures Excel Tools Add-in, you may return it for any reason, within 30 days. Your purchase amount will be fully refunded.

Product Updates

If this product is updated in the future, you will be able to download the latest version, at no additional cost. Product updates are announced in the Contextures Weekly Excel News, and the latest version numbers are shown at the bottom of the Contextures Excel Products page.





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