What's New in Microsoft Excel

Here is the latest news about Microsoft Excel, and updates on the Contextures website and blogs.

New on Contextures

Pivot Table Blog: Why does pivot table show duplicate numbers? How to fix the problem. May 11, 2022

FILTER Function Reports: See how to create multi-column summary reports, using Excel FILTER Function (Excel 365). May 7, 2022

Contextures Blog: Take a break from your work, and use Excel to stream web radio. May 5, 2022

Debra D Blog: How to fix avi format videos that have audio and black screen, with Video Editor in Microsoft Photos program. Apr 24, 2022

Excel - What's New

To see the latest features and fixes in Excel, go to these pages on the Microsoft site and YouTube.

Microsoft 365 Apps: For the Monthly Enterprise Channel, go to this page for a list of new features and fixes in the latest versions.

Microsoft 365: To see new features demonstrated, go to the Microsoft 365 YouTube Channel. Look for the monthly videos on "What's New".

Excel Improvements: Excel users are encouraged to post improvement suggestions on Microsoft's Excel UserVoice website. To see the completed items from that list, go to this filtered list. There's also a list in this Excel Tech Community article, which is frequently updated.

Office Updates: For a list of all Office updates, going back to 2010, and other Microsoft resources, visit the Office Updates page. There is a Download PDF link, at the bottom left corner on that page.

New Contextures Video

Watch this short video to see how to compare sales numbers with an Excel pivot table's % Running Total calculation. How many top products make up 60% of total sales?

See the details, and get the sample workbook on the Pivot Table Running Total page.

Previous News

Contextures Blog: See warning if Excel worksheet sheet has hidden rows or columns, and steps show how to fix them. Apr 21, 2022

Compare Cells: How to compare cell values in Excel. Find exact match, or partial match and percentage. Apr 12, 2022

Contextures Blog: How to calculate Easter dates in Excel with worksheet formulas or User Defined Functions. Apr 7, 2022

Pivot Table Blog: Help Excel pivot table macros run faster by preventing automatic updates. Apr 6, 2022

Excel Charts: How to show hidden data in Excel chart or Excel sparklines. Change chart setting manually or with macro. Mar 15, 2022

Contextures Blog: Fill blank Excel cells so you can sort and filter data safely. Hide dups with formatting. Mar 10, 2022

Highlight Weekends: How to highlight weekend data in Excel pivot table with conditional formatting. Fix rule settings to avoid problems. Mar 2, 2022

Contextures Blog: Quick Excel trick to move through data entry cells spread out on worksheet. Feb 24, 2022

Contextures Blog: New Excel sample data for you to use for testing or training - winter athlete data. Feb 10, 2022

Pivot Table Blog: Use this Excel dashboard to check all pivot table filters before sending reports. Feb 2, 2022

Debra D Blog: With Large Text (55% +) setting on iPad, press Date or Time for pop-up zoom. Jan 31, 2022

Contextures Blog: Find Nth weekday in specific month and year, with Excel WORKDAY.INTL function. Jan 27, 2022

Excel Printing: How to create an Excel report diagnostic display to check filter settings before printing. Jan 27, 2022

Working Days: How to calculate project dates or upcoming workdays in Excel with WORKDAY function and WORKDAY.INTL function. Jan 17, 2022

Debra D Blog: How to Check Email Internet Headers in Microsoft Outlook, without opening the message. Jan 16, 2022

Contextures Blog: Have fun with a Word Cloud in Excel. Jan 13, 2022

Pivot Table Blog: Stop automatic GetPivotData formulas when you click on an Excel pivot table cell. Jan 12, 2022

Copy & Paste Problems: How to fix Excel copy & paste problems for multiple selections error, or formulas changed to values. Dec 27, 2021

Contextures Blog: Compare sales numbers with Excel pivot table's % Running Total calculation. How many top products make up 60% of total sales? Dec 9, 2021

Contextures Blog: How to fix an Excel table that doesn't expand automatically for new data. Nov 25, 2021

Contextures Blog: Send Excel data to different sheets, based on criteria, no macros! Nov 11, 2021

Contextures Blog: Choose random names from an Excel list. Or pick scary movies to watch this Halloween weekend! Formulas, no macros. Oct 28, 2021

Cluster Stack Pivot Chart: See how to create a Cluster Stack Pivot Chart from a pivot table. Use named Excel table or see how to unpivot data with Power Query. Sept 27, 2021

Remove Duplicates: Simple steps to remove duplicate items from Excel list. Fix problem when duplicates numbers not all removed. Sept 16, 2021

Contextures Blog: Three ways to create a clustered stacked chart in Excel. Sept 16, 2021

Conditional Formatting: Fix Excel conditional formatting problems when extra rules are automatically created. Manual or macro clean up. Sept 9, 2021

Contextures Blog: Choose golf tee off time and assign players in Excel. Partially filled time slots can be completed later. Sept 2, 2021

Spreadsheet Day Blog: Charts, orcas, pivot tables and more, in the latest spreadsheet roundup. Aug 31, 2021

Contextures Blog: Hide used items in Excel 365 drop down list, to prevent duplicate entries. Aug 26, 2021

Contextures Blog: Diving into the new Power Query book, and Excel Query pane problems. Aug 5, 2021

Pivot Table Blog: Save time-stamped backup copies of Excel files while you work with free add-in. August 4, 2021

What's New in Microsoft Excel

What's New in Microsoft Excel


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