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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Jan. 17, 2012

The cold and snow finally hit my part of Canada, so it was a good week to stay indoors and get some work done. Here are some of the Contextures highlights from the past week. I've changed the format of this newsletter, and would love to hear what you think of the new layout.

 -  Debra

Parts Data Entry UserForm Update

In this Excel sample file, you can enter data in an Excel UserForm, and the data is stored on a hidden worksheet. There are two versions of the UserForm sample file -- one has simple text boxes for data entry, and the other has drop down lists.

In both versions, I changed the line of code that finds the first empty row in the data storage sheet. When used with a List object or Excel Table, the old code can have trouble finding the last line with data. The new code fixes that problem. Download the updated versions of the parts data entry forms on the Contextures website.

Excel Weight Tracker Update

In this Excel sample file, you can enter your personal information, and your weight targets (based on your doctor's advice). The workbook now works in your choice of pounds or kilograms, and there is a stone version too. Download the sample files from the Contextures website: Excel Weight Loss Tracker

Monster Spreadsheets

Do your worksheets ever get out of control - starting small and growing to enormous size? I found an amusing blog post from a newspaper columnist who tracked his food intake, and other activities, for an entire year. The project grew quickly, but I hope that he didn't!

Online Programming Course

It's fun and challenging to make magic happen in Excel, by using macros that you create with Excel VBA programming, or even with the macro recorder. And if you're building workbooks for other people, they really appreciate your skills.

This year, I'd like to expand a bit, so I've signed up for a free online course in JavaScript, from You can read about my first steps here, and if you join too, please let me know. We'll see if we can survive the whole year!

Excel Humour

Every day, I read the Excel tweets, so you don't have to! Here are a few favourites from this week. You can read the rest of the highlights here.

  • Prepare to feel the wrath of a woman whose spreadsheet was tampered with by an excel illiterate person....
  • I swear to God this is how it goes EVERY DAY! : *working on the excel sheet for 1 hour* *opens twitter tab for one second --> boss shows up*
  • Someone right now is checking my work on an Excel spreadsheet with a CALCULATOR.

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