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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Jan. 24, 2012

This week you'll see how to hide pivot table details, and a few ideas for preparing for an Excel exam, plus a few more articles.

 -  Debra 

Hide Details in an Excel Pivot Table

If you hide pivot table data by using the filters, the subtotals and total amounts are affected. Instead, you can hide the details by using the Collapse Entire Field command. Then, to see everything again, use the Expand Entire Field command.
Read the details, and watch the step-by-step video on the Contextures Blog:

Prepare for an Excel Expert Exam

Have you ever written an Excel proficiency exam? Someone emailed me for help in preparing for an expert level exam -- he was having trouble with the macros and custom functions.
On the Contextures Blog, I listed a few articles that could help him, and you can see the list here:

Tracking Too Much in Excel

Do you track every detail of your life in a spreadsheet? That might be required at the office, but how about your personal time -- do you track that too? 
One young mom finally abandoned some of her spreadsheets, and you can read more about her story on the Spreadsheet Day blog:

Freedom From Spreadsheets 

Excel Humour

Once again, I read the Excel tweets, so you don't have to! Here are a few favourites from this week. You can read the rest of the highlights here.

  • Know it was a bad day when your spreadsheet follows you home.
  • No idea how to make a graph on Microsoft excel but Nooo not allowed to draw one
  • Just did my first pivot table in Excel. Gotta say, that was kinda nice. #latetotheparty

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