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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Feb 11, 2012

It's almost Valentine's Day, so I hope you're working on a nice greeting card in Excel, to give to your sweetie. It's much more romantic than a store-bought card. ;-)

 -  Debra

Filter Data in Excel By Typing Criteria

On the Contextures blog, Excel MVP, Roger Govier, shows us a slick slick technique for filtering your data, quickly and easily.
Set up your data on an Excel worksheet, with a blank row above the table. Then, type criteria in that blank row, to automatically filter the data. You can download Roger's sample file from the Contextures website.

Show Specific Info in Excel UserForm

On the Contextures blog this week, see how to set up a tabbed Excel UserForm, with help for the users. Then, add Help buttons to each worksheet, and show specific info in the UserForm, when a Help button is clicked

There is a video that shows you the steps, and a link to a sample Excel file.

Income Statement Waterfall Chart

On his Daily Dose of Excel blog, Dick Kusleika explains how to create a waterfall chart.

If you don't have the time or patience for that, you can invest in Jon Peltier's Waterfall Chart Utility instead.


Excel Apps for the Android

If you have an Android-based tablet, you might want to open and edit Excel files on it. On the Excel for Educators blog, the Science Goddess is reviewing Android apps that can help you do that, with varying levels of success.

For example, in the Documents to Go review, she says, "First, the good news. (This won't take long.)"

Excel Humour

Once again, I read the Excel tweets, so you don't have to! Here are a few favourites from this week. You can read the rest of the tweet collection here.
  • My boss is making me take an Excel class. Not sure whether to be grateful or offended?
  • oh and the spreadsheet has learned to sing, just gotta teach it to dance;-))
  • I hate Microsoft Excel. Someone come do this for me so my boss stops yelling at me. I'll be in the fetal position under my desk. Thanks.  

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