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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Apr 2, 2012

Name cells, create a data entry form, avoid sharks, and other Excel tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures.

 -  Debra

Name a Range of Cells in Excel

If you name a range of cell in Excel, you can use that name in formulas, or when navigating through your workbook.

Learn more about naming ranges on the Contextures website: Name a Range

Or watch this Name a Range video.

Create an Excel UserForm for data entry

Instead of entering data on an Excel worksheet, you can set up an Excel UserForm.

It takes a bit of programming, and you can watch the step by step videos, or follow the written instructions, on the Contextures Blog: Create an Excel UserForm

Excel VLOOKUP Week

Can the VLOOKUP function help you avoid a shark attack? Maybe! Last week was VLOOKUP week, and my contribution was a post about sharks.

You can use VLOOKUP to see which states have the greatest number of shark attacks, and plan your vacations to avoid those dangerous waters.

Read more about VLOOKUP week on the Microsoft Excel team's blog

VBA Conditional Formatting of Charts by Value and Label

On his PeltierTech blog last week, Jon Peltier showed us how to use Excel VBA to add conditional formatting to an Excel chart.

Data Normalizer

When you have data that is arranged horizontally, such as column heading for the months, you might want to change it to vertical layout. That normalizes the data, so you can create a pivot table from the results.

You can use this pivot table trick to normalize the data.

Or, you can try the macro that Doug Glancy posted this week, to normalize your data:

Excel Humour

Once again, I read the Excel tweets, so you don't have to! Here are a few favourites from this week. You can read the rest of the tweet collection here.
  • Leaving work at 10.30pm after staring at excel spreadsheets for 12 and a half hours... And people think working in tv is glamorous!
  • Whenever i touch an excel sheet, it soon turns into a chaotic mess of charts, graphs and multiple worksheets. I need some discipline
  • Dear #Microsoft: I'm glad you receive a notification every time my Excel Spreadsheet crashes. You seem to be doing nothing about it.

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