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Excel Weekly News from Contextures May 21, 2012

Check your spreadsheet for smells, create Excel date tables, automatically format subtotals, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures

 -  Debra

Your Excel Spreadsheet Smells

Does your Excel file have spreadsheet smells? This concept was news to me, but Felienne Hermans and her colleagues explain what problems can create "smells" in a workbook.

Click here to read my article, with links to the study: Your Excel Spreadsheet Smells

Excel Pivot Table Selection Quick Tip

You probably know that you can click on the data cells in a pivot table, to extract the underlying data.

Did you know this other double-click trick? You can double-click pivot table heading to open Field Settings dialog box.

Click here to see my instructions for this shortcut: Excel Pivot Table Selection Quick Tip

Create an Excel 5-Calendar Date Table

On the PowerPivot Pro blog, Colin Banfield shows us how to create a date table for 5 types of calendars -- Regular, Fiscal, Reporting, Manufacturing, ISO.

Click here to see Colin's article, and download the sample file: Excel 5-Calendar Date Table

Highlight Subtotals for Easy Reading

When you use the Subtotals feature in Excel, only the words in the subtotals turn bold, and not the actual subtotals themselves. On his Excel Guru blog, Ken Puls expleains how to use conditional formatting to make the numbers bold too.

Click here to see how Ken formats the subtotals. Highlight Subtotals for Easy Reading

Survey: What Spreadsheet Programs Do You Use?

Excel MVP, and charting expert, Jon Peltier, is conducting a short survey on his Peltier Tech Blog. Please take a minute and let Jon know which version(s) or Excel, or other spreadsheet programs, you use at home and at work. Thanks!

Click here to vote in Jon's survey:Survey: What Spreadsheet Programs Do You Use?

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