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Excel Weekly News from Contextures May 28, 2012

Highlight upcoming dates, change gridline color, create an Excel clock, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures.

 -  Debra

Highlight Upcoming Dates in Excel

To make it easier to spot a specific date range in a list of dates, you can highlight upcoming dates with conditional formatting.
On the Contextures Blog last week, I explained how to format the dates, and you can even enter the date range limits on the worksheet, for flexibility.
Click here to read the article: Highlight Upcoming Dates in Excel

Add Products to Excel Order Form

Did you ever wish that you could click on a cell, and have it automatically enter an X, to mark the row?
In a sample file that I created, you can do exactly that! Click a cell to quickly add products to an Excel order form. Excel event code adds an X to the cell that you click, and moves the item to an order list worksheet.
Click here to see the instructions: Add Products to Excel Order Form

Gridlines vs Borders in Spreadsheets

Did you know that you can change the gridline colour for one or more worksheets in a workbook? To do that,
  • Click the File tab in the Excel Ribbon, then click Options.
  • Click the Advanced category, then scroll down to see the 'Display options for this worksheet' section.
  • Click the drop down arrow for Gridline color, and click on the color that you want, then click OK to close the window.
You can see those instructions and a screen shot in the Excel FAQs on my Contextures website: Change Gridline Color
On the Microsoft Excel blog this week, they showed the difference between gridlines and borders, and how you can print and display them.
Click here to see the instructions: Gridlines vs Borders in Spreadsheets

Free Map Add-in for Excel

The Science Goddess tested the free Excel add-in, MapCite, and found it easy to use, but with limited features.
Click here to read her report and see the screen shots: Free Map Add-in for Excel

Create a Clock with Conditional Formatting

There are other Excel clocks available, but none are quite like the one that Doug Glancy just created.
He uses conditional formatting to display the numbers, and you can see the results on his Your Sum Buddy blog:  Conditional Formatting Digital Clock

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