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Excel Weekly News from Contextures June 4, 2012


Hide AutoFilter arrows, create descriptive stats in Excel, find chart tutorials, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures.

 -  Debra

Hide AutoFilter Arrows

After you add an AutoFilter in Excel, you can hide one or more arrows in the AutoFilter headings. For example, if the table has 10 columns, you can leave the heading arrows only on 2 or 3 of the columns that you want people to filter.

Click here to read the article: Hide AutoFilter Arrows


Trouble counting AutoFilters with VBA

While I was working with Excel AutoFilter last week, I ran into some challenges. It should have been a simple task to count all the AutoFilters on a worksheet, but it wasn't so easy!

Warning -- This article is for Excel nerds only -- I go into detail on my results when trying to count with different programming methods in Excel VBA.

Click here to see the gory details: Trouble counting AutoFilters with VBA

Statistically Speaking with Excel: Basic Descriptive Stats

Are you proficient in using Excel for statistical analysis? If not, you can learn some basics from The Science Goddess, who described how to analyze student data, using Excel functions.

Click here to see the details: Basic Descriptive Stats

Copy Unique Values

Do you have a simple trick for getting a list of unique values in Excel? For example, if you have a list of customers, how can you get a list of the States those customers live in, without any duplicate state names?

In the Daily Dose of Excel, Dick Kusleika wrote a macro to extract a unique list. In the comments, Dave recommends using the Remove Duplicates feature, which was introduced in Excel 2007. That's my preference too, or an Advanced Filter, to copy unique values to a different worksheet.

Click here to see Dick's macro: Copy Unique Values

My instructions for using the Remove Duplicates feature are here, along with a short video: Remove Duplicates in Excel 2007

Excel Chart Tutorials

If you're looking for instructions on creating Excel charts, the Excel development team at Microsoft has compiled a list of their best tutorials:  Our eight best tutorials on Excel charts

If you're looking for advanced tutorials on Excel charts, visit Jon Peltier's Peltier Tech blog and website. On my Contextures website, I have a list of articles from Jon's site, which I refer to often: Charting Tutorials on Peltier Tech Site

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