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Excel Weekly News from Contextures July 09, 2012

Track projects, keep freeze panes from disappearing, make a countdown clock and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures. 

 -  Debra

Freeze pane and Gridline Settings Disappear

Did you ever set up a worksheet with rows locked at the top, using the freeze pane feature? Or, hide the gridlines so a worksheet looks cleaner?
I use those settings in most of my workbooks, but occasionally they would mysteriously disappear. Then I noticed that the disappearance was connected to opening a second window in the same workbook.
 freeze pane in windows

Read the details and watch the video, to see how to avoid this annoying problem:

Check Excel database for duplicates before adding new item

In my data entry template, you can view existing records from the database, and add new ones. In this latest version, if you try to add an Order ID that already exists in the database, you'll see a warning message.
 duplicate warning
Click here to read the article: Check Excel database for duplicates

PowerPoint 2010 and Excel 2010 for Tracking Projects

PowerPoint MVP Glenna Shaw has created a free Excel template for project planning. You can enter times and costs, then create and monitor a project schedule.

There are also graphs to create PowerPoint dashboards, so you can share the information with your co-workers or clients.

Click here to read the instructions and download the template:

PowerPoint 2010 and Excel 2010 Project Planning

Create a MasterChef Style Clock

If you host cooking competitions in your kitchen, or have another, less exciting, use for a countdown clock, you can build one in Excel.

Maybe you could use this to show the kids how much time is left before bed. Or only allow yourself one hour of time on the internet in the evening. (Nah, that won't happen!)
Click here to see the instructions: Create a MasterChef Style Clock

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