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Excel Weekly News from Contextures July 16, 2012

Get prices from a lookup table, document your VBA code, make pivot table subtotals stand out, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures.

 -  Debra

Check Multiple Criteria with Excel INDEX and MATCH

If you have a lookup table in Excel, you can use the INDEX and MATCH functions to pull the correct data. For example, find the right price for a large jacket or small sweater. This technique is similar to a VLOOKUP, but more powerful and flexible.

Read the details on the Contextures Blog:

Check Multiple Criteria with Excel INDEX and MATCH

Document Your Excel VBA Procedures

If you create workbooks with complex code, you can document your Excel VBA procedures, with this code from Professor Lee Townsend. Run a macro that adds a sheet to the file, and lists all the procedures, and even the shapes.

Read the details and download the sample workbook from the Contextures Blog: Document Your VBA Code 

Get Creative with Pivot Table Subtotal Headings

On my pivot table blog this week, I described how to get creative with subtotals. You can draw attention to the subtotals in a pivot table, by adding symbols, text or spaces.

Read the instructions on the Excel Pivot Table Blog: Change Pivot Table Subtotal Text

Use Auto Outline to Group Excel Data

Do you use Excel's Outline feature? I usually use a pivot table to summarize data, but on Microsoft's Excel blog they show how to use the outline feature instead.

It will help you group your data, and then you can click the + and - buttons to show or hide the details.

Click here to read the instructions and download the sample workbook: Use Outlining to Group Excel Data

Convert Units with Excel Add-in

Last year, I created an easy-to-use unit converter in Excel, based on the built-in CONVERT function. You can read about it here, and download a sample file from the Contextures website: Easy to Use CONVERT Function

This week, Doug Jenkins released a free Excel add-in that goes beyond the limited capabilities of the CONVERT function.

Click here to see the details, and download the file: Convert Units with Excel Add-in

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