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Excel Weekly News from Contextures July 23, 2012

Get a peek at the new version of Excel, filter several pivot tables at once, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures.

 -  Debra

Separate Dates in a Long Excel List

A couple of months ago, I showed you how to add a red border line between dates in an Excel list. That technique worked well, but some lines didn't show if the list was filtered.
I've posted a new version of the workbook, and the red lines show, even if the list is filtered. A creative SUMPRODUCT formula makes this conditional formatting work.
Click here to read the article: Separate Dates in Filtered List

Excel Books for Beginner to Intermediate

Do you have any favourite Excel books, that you used when you were just starting to work with spreadsheets?
Last week, someone asked me to recommend a few Excel books for the beginner to intermediate level. I posted a list on the Contextures blog, and please add a comment, or send me an email, if you can think of others.
Click here to read the list, and add your suggestions: Excel Book Suggestions

Filter All Pivot Tables for Specific Fields Only

In Excel 2010 you can use slicers to filter several pivot tables at the same time. If you don't have Excel 2010, or if don't have room for slicers on your worksheets, there is another solution.
On my pivot table blog this week, I described how to use a bit of programming, so when you change one Excel pivot table, it automatically filters all others in the same workbook.
And, to help you keep a tighter control on things, you can make a list of specific fields, and only those fields will be automatically filtered.
Click here to read the details: Filter All Pivot Tables for Specific Fields Only

Office 2013 Customer Preview

The big news at Microsoft last week was the release of the Office 2013 Customer Preview. You can sign up for the preview here:Office 2013 Customer Preview
You can see some of the highlights in the new version of Excel, by visiting the Excel Team's blog: Introducing Excel 2013
And if you want the latest news on the upcoming version, you can visit the Office Next Blog on the Microsoft site: Office Next Blog

Forcing Your Clients to Enable Macros

If you're creating automated workbooks for other people to use, you might run into some problems if those people aren't familiar with macros. If a workbook contains macros, it will usually show a security warning, near the formula bar. You have to click there, to enable the macros.
However, that warning can be easy to overlook, or it might not even appear, if security level is set to High.
Mike Alexander, in his Bacon Bits blog, explains how he solves the problem. Users can't miss the giant message in his workbooks, and they can't do any work until they enable macros.
Click here to read the details, and download the sample file: Forcing Your Clients to Enable Macros

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