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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Aug 14, 2012

Copy code to your workbooks, store multiple values in a cell, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures.

Copy Code to Your Excel Workbook

If you find sample Excel code on the internet, you can copy it into your workbooks. On my Contextures blog, you can watch a video that shows the steps for adding a code module, and storing the copied code.

To see the video, go to the Copy Code to Excel article.

Store Multiple Values With Excel Scenarios

With Excel Scenarios, you can store different sets of values (up to 32 cells) in a workbook. Then, without any programming, you can switch between the saved values.

In an example on my Contextures blog, see how to store budget projections for two departments. View and print one department's budget, and then switch to the other department, all in the same cells.

Click here to read the details: Store multiple values in cells with Excel Scenarios

Last Day: Excel Dashboards Course

Registration for the Excel Dashboards Course ends today, August 14th. You can see the course details and a sample video here: Excel Dashboards Course

Dashboards are the new buzzword in Excel reporting, and employers are specifically asking for these skills. If you need to take your Excel skills to the next level to get your dream job, then knowing Excel Dashboards will help you stand out from the competition.

I highly recommend this training, to improve your dashboard skills. Go at your own pace, because you'll have 12 months of access to the videos and sample files. Or, select one of the options that includes downloadable videos, so you can watch them offline, at any time.

Remove Old Items from Pivot Table Drop Downs

After you create an Excel 2010 pivot table, the source data may change. New items might be added, and old items are sometimes removed from the data.

However, after changing the data, and refresh the pivot table, the old data disappears, but the item names still appear in the pivot table drop downs.

Watch the video on my Excel Pivot Table blog, to see how to solve the problem: Remove Old Items from Pivot Table

User-Friendly Survey Without VBA

In his YourSumBuddy blog, Doug Glancy shows how to set up an Excel survey, without using programming. Based on the number of selections that you choose, conditional formatting and data validation affect the survey cells in each row.

Click here to read the details, and download the example: Excel Survey Without VBA

Show Formulas Also Shows Unformatted Numbers

In his Bacon Bits blog, Mike Alexander shows some of the features of using the Show Formulas command. It doesn't just show formulas, it also shows unformatted numbers, so you can see the raw data in each cell.

Click here to see the details: Show Formulas in Excel

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