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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Aug 21, 2012

Print a numbered list of comments, add calculated items to a pivot table , and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures.

Print a Numbered List of Excel Comments

On my Contextures website, there is code that lets you show a number at the top right of each comment cell. These little rectangles cover up the red triangle that marks the comment cells. This is a zoomed in view of the numbers.

There is also sample code creating a numbered list of comments on a separate sheet. I've recently updated that code, to address an issue with merged cells.

Click here to read the details, and download the sample file: Print a Numbered List of Excel Comments

Create an Excel Scenario Summary

Lasts week, you saw how to create an Excel Scenario.

This week, see how to turn those scenarios into a summary report -- choose either a summary report or summary pivot table.

Click here to read the article: Create a Scenario Summary

Create a Calculated Item in Excel Pivot Table

When you add fields to a pivot table, you can show or hide that field's pivot items. In addition to the existing items, you can create calculated items for a pivot field.

This article and video shows how to create a calculated item, and display it in the pivot table. You'll also hear the disadvantages to using calculated items.

Read the article here: Create a calculated item

Ribbon Editor Update

If you use Andy Pope's free Excel Ribbon Editor add-in -- RibbonX Visual Designer -- he has uploaded a new version.

The latest version of the designer (v2.22) will now allow access to the customUI14 section of Excel files when used in Excel 2010.


In his Excel User blog, Charley Kyd explains the setup of SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCTS formulas. He includes examples of each function, and recommends which of the two to use.

Read Charley's article here: Using SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT

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