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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Sept 25, 2012

Save time with a pivot table add-in, create an in-cell chart for stock prices, Excel 2013 articles, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures. 

PivotPower Premium Excel Add-in

Every time you build a new pivot table, you have to change its settings, so it works the way you need it to. There's no built-in way to store your preferred default settings, to make that job easier.

I got tired to changing those settings for every new pivot table, and I've created a premium version of my PivotPower add-in, with more features. You can store your pivot table default settings in the add-in, and then apply those settings to any pivot table, and the active sheet and workbook.

There are other time-saving features, such as the Currency SUM command, which changes the values from COUNT, or other summary functions, to SUM, and formats them as Currency.

The PivotPower Premium add-in is $30, and you can read the details here: PivotPower Premium Excel Add-in

The free version of the PivotPower add-in, with fewer features, is still available.  You can get the free version here: PivotPower add-in

Excel Dot Plot Chart for Stock Prices

Create an in-cell chart that shows the current stock price, compared to the lowest and highest, over the past 52 week period. Using the REPT function, the formula calculates where the marker should fall in the range, and places a dot for the latest price on a scale that runs from the lowest to the highest price.

Click here to read the instructions and watch the video: Excel Dot Plot Chart for Stock Prices 

Calculate Differences in a Pivot Table

Use the built-in custom calculations in pivot tables, to show amounts other than a simple sum or count. For example, use the Difference From calculation, which subtracts one pivot table value from another, and shows the result.

Read the details and watch the video here: Calculate Differences in a Pivot Table 

Excel 2013 Articles

Are you eager to update to Excel 2013 when it hits the store shelves? Some of its new features sound great, and the Excel team has been writing about the new version.

I'm collecting links to the Excel 2013 articles, so you can go back and read them again, or find the articles that you missed. The list is on my Contextures website, and I'll be updating it whenever I find new articles: Excel 2013 Information 

Listing Printers In VBA

Chip Pearson has a great Excel website, and he has just added some code for getting a list of printers from the system registry. You can use VBA to create a list of printers connected to the PC, and use this list to allow the user to select a printer from your application.

Visit Chip's site to get the sample code: Listing Printers In VBA

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