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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Oct 2, 2012

Get a list of workbook formulas, zoom in to see drop down list items, round up or down, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures. 

List All Formulas in Workbook

If you're taking over an Excel file that someone else built, or making changes to a file that you haven't used in a long time, it can be hard to understand (or remember) how the file works.

To quickly see what is in a workbook, you can use programming to create a list of all the formulas on each worksheet.

Click here to read the instructions and download the sample file: List All Formulas in Workbook

Make Data Validation List Appear Larger

You can't change the font size in a data validation drop down list, and it can be hard to read the items, if the zoom setting is reduced.

To make the text appear larger, you can increase the zoom setting with VBA code to when a data validation cell is selected.

Click here to read the instructions: Make Data Validation List Appear Larger

Inserting Charts in Excel 2013

On Microsoft's Excel blog, Diego Oppenheimer explains how it will be easier to select the right chart type in Excel 2013.

Click here to read about the new chart features in Excel 2013: Inserting Charts in Excel 2013

Rounding Numbers With Formulas

In Excel, you can use formatting to show a specific number of decimals, but if you want to round the number, there are several formulas that will do the work for you.

On his blog, Chandoo gives an example of each rounding formula, to show how it works. It's a good reference list, for those times when you have to round a number.

Read the details here: 18.2 Tips on Rounding numbers using Excel Formulas

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