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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Oct 9, 2012

Fix missing midnight times, play with an interactive map, learn new ways to open Excel files, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures. 

Midnight Times Missing in Excel Worksheet

Last week I had a problem while working on a client's time sheet -- all the midnight times were disappearing.

It was mysterious for a couple of minutes, and then I realized that someone had formatted the worksheet to hide the zeros. Midnight is equal to zero, so they were hidden too.

Click here to see how I fixed the problem: Midnight Times Missing in Excel Worksheet

Conditional Formatting in Excel 2010

I've updated my Intro to Conditional Formatting page, to show Excel 2010 instructions.

Click here to see the instructions, and my new video that shows the basic steps: Conditional Formatting in Excel 2010

Interactive Map in Excel

On his Option Explicit VBA blog, Jordan Goldmeier shows us his interactive election map for the USA. Even if you're not interested in US politics, the demo shows some cool tricks that you can use in Excel.

Jordan promises to post a tutorial later, but for now you can download the map file, to see how it works. See the map and download the sample file here: Interactive United States 2012 Presidential Scoreboard in Excel

Little Known Techniques for Opening Excel Files

How do you open your Excel files? Do you double-click on a file in Windows Explorer? Do you use the Open command in Excel? On the Accounting Web blog, David Ringstrom looks at some familiar ways to open Excel files, and a few techniques that you might not be familiar with.

Read David's article here: Little Known Techniques for Opening Excel Files

Intro to Power View for Excel 2013

On Microsoft's Excel blog, Allie Rutherford shows us how to create a simple report in the new Power View feature. This is a new add-in that will be automatically installed in the Pro versions of Microsoft Office 2013. With Power View, you'll be able to quickly set up maps and charts, with interactive sorting and filtering.

See the tutorial here: Intro to Power View for Excel 2013

Are You Too Old For Programming?

Do you write code in Excel VBA, or other programs? Is programming just for young people, or can you keep going at any age?

On his The Codist blog, Andrew Wulf writes about programming at the age of 55, and he doesn't show any sign of losing interest in his profession. He doesn't mention it in this article, but Wulf was on the team that designed the Trapeze spreadsheet program for the Mac in 1987.

Read his story here: Yes I Still Want To Be Doing This at 56

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