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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Oct 23, 2012

Avoid paste errors, read 5 top Excel articles, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures.

 -  Debra

Five Top Excel Tips for Spreadsheet Day 2012

In honour of Spreadsheet Day 2012, I posted links to 5 interesting Excel articles from the past year. One favourite was Jon Peltier's technique for building charts with conditional formatting.

Click here to see the tips: Five Top Excel Tips for Spreadsheet Day 2012

And please let me know if you find other Excel articles that are worth sharing.

Error 1004 When Pasting Filtered Data

Last week a client sent me an Excel file where some simple code copy and paste code wasn't working. The worksheet was filtered, and an error message kept popping up: Run-time error '1004': Paste method of Worksheet class failed.

I found a workaround, but it eventually started showing the error message again. So, instead of using an AutoFilter, I've recommended that my client use an Advanced Filter. It doesn't seem to create the same problems, and usually runs very quickly.

You can read the details here: Error 1004 When Pasting Filtered Data

What Office 2013 Means for Microsoft BI

Chris Webb has spent a lot of time working with the beta version of Excel 2013, and is impressed with it. Last week, he summarized what Office 2013 will mean for Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI).

See the article here: Some thoughts on what Office 2013 means for Microsoft BI

Calculated Member and Measures in Excel 2013

On the Excel team's blog last week, software development engineer Alex McMains described the enhancements to OLAP based Calculated Members and Measures in Excel 2013.

Alex explains what OLAP is, and outlines the steps for creating and managing the calculated members and measures.

Here is the link to the Excel team's blog post: Calculated Member and Measures in Excel 2013

New Units For the CONVERT Function

Do you use the CONVERT function in Excel? I've written about it before, and created a sample file that made the function easier to use. You can see my article here: Excel CONVERT Function Made Easy

That function has been enhanced in Excel 2013, with many new measurement units. John Walkenbach make a list of all the new measurements, and he linked to the Help page, where you can see the full list.

See John's (very brief) article: New Units For the CONVERT Function

The Help Page: Excel 2013 CONVERT Function Help Page

Review of Edward Tufte Workshop

If you create charts in Excel, or work with data visualization, you've probably heard of Edward Tufte -- "the godfather of data visualization".

The Science Goddess recently attended one of his workshops, and wrote a review on her Excel for Educators blog. She was surprised that 600 people were in the workshop, and disappointed in a couple of sessions, but was glad that she decided to attend.

Would she go again? Read the Science Goddess' article to find out: A Voice from the Wilderness and the Tufte Course

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