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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Oct 30, 2012

See how to create a line-column chart, limit date entries, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures.

 -  Debra

Video: Build a Line-Column Chart

In older versions of Excel, you could create line-column combination charts,by using the Chart Wizard. That Chart Wizard isn't in Excel now, but you can still create combo charts, with a simple tip that's shown in this short video tutorial.

If you'd like to see the written instructions, please click here: Create a Line-Column Chart

Create Line Column Chart 2 Axes

Restrict Date Entries with Data Validation

With Excel's data validation, you can restrict the dates that can be entered on a worksheet. For example, you could specify start and end dates on the worksheet, and only dates within that range can be entered.

You can read the details, and watch the short video, here: Restrict Date Entries with Data Validation

Change Number Format in Pivot Chart

When you create a pivot chart from a pivot table, the numbers on the chart's axis are in the same format as the pivot table's numbers. You can use a different number format in the pivot chart, if you break the link to the source data.

In this article, I show how to break the link, and format the chart axis numbers in thousands, so they take less room.

See the article here: Change Number Format in Pivot Chart

Introduction to MDX for PowerPivot Users, Part 3

If you have been reading Chris Webb's series on MDX for PowerPivot, he has now posted Part 3. It looks at the Members() and Crossjoin() functions, and how to use them with pivot tables.

  • The Members() function returns the set of members from either an entire hierarchy or a single level from that hierarchy.
  • The Crossjoin() function takes two or more sets and returns a set of tuples representing all possible combinations of items in these sets.

Here is the link to the Excel team's blog post: Introduction to MDX for PowerPivot Users, Part 3

Quick Analysis: Discover new insights

On Microsoft's Excel blog, Chad Rothschiller outlines some of the options in Excel 2013's Quick Analysis feature. This feature makes it easy to see how selected data will look if you apply conditional formatting, or create a chart, or one of the other options.

See the details here: Quick Analysis: Discover new insights

Recommended Product: Excel Dashboard Course

There is good new from Mynda Treacy, at My Online Training Hub -- she is re-opening her online Excel Dashboard course, for a limited time.

This comprehensive Excel Dashboard Course will teach you the simple techniques you can apply in Excel to make killer dashboards that will set your skill level apart from the crowd.

Sign up now, to save 20%. This early-bird discount is only available until November 6th, and registration closes on November 13th.

You can see the course details and a sample video here: Excel Dashboards Course

I highly recommend this training, to improve your dashboard skills. Go at your own pace, because you'll have 12 months of access to the videos and sample files. Or, go for one of the options that includes downloadable videos, so you can watch them offline, at any time.

Excel Dashboard

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