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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Nov 6, 2012

Show interactive drop lines in a chart, create pivot table copies automatically, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures.

 -  Debra

Allow Other Entries With Excel Drop Down List

If you add drop down lists in a workbook, it's easy for people to enter data, by selecting items from the list. In some cases though, you might want to allow other entries in those cells, in addition to the items in the drop down list.

To allow other entries, you can turn off the Error Alerts in the data validation cells.

To see the steps for changing this setting, please click here: Allow Other Entries With Excel Drop Down List

Create Worksheet for Each Pivot Item

With a built-in feature in Excel, you can automatically create copies of a pivot table, on new worksheets, named for items in a pivot table's Report Filter.

If you want to copy all the other content from the original worksheet, along with the pivot table, you can use the sample code on my Contextures site on my Contextures site. My code adds a "PT_" prefix to the sheets, and deletes any existing "PT_" sheets, if necessary.

You can read the details, and find a link to my sample code, here: Create Worksheet for Each Pivot Item

Find Email Address With Index and Match

My daughter needed some help with Excel, while planning events for Movember Canada. We created and INDEX and MATCH formula that found the city, based on a person's email address in a master list.

See how we solved the Excel problem, and learn a bit about Movember: Excel and Movember Moustaches

Programmers Want Less Stupid And More Programming

Here is another thought-provoking article from Andrew Wulf, in which he talks about motivating programmers. What makes you work harder, and stay loyal to a company? Does this sound like you:

"the real motivator is writing great code, building cool products, and solving nasty problems."

Here is the link to the article: What Programmers Want Is Less Stupid And More Programming

Interactive Drop Lines on Excel Charts

On his Clearly and Simply blog, Robert Mundigl shows us how to add interactive drop lines in an Excel chart. Click on a data point, and lines connect that point to one or two of the axes.

This technique requires programming, and there are examples for line, bar, scatter and column charts.

See the details here, and download a sample file with the charts and VBA code:

Interactive Drop Lines on Excel Charts

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You can see the course details and a sample video here: Excel Dashboards Course

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Excel Dashboard

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