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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Nov 20, 2012

Sum with multiple criteria, change calculation order in a pivot table, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures.

 -  Debra

DSUM and Excel Tables: Sum With Multiple Criteria

There are different ways to get a total in Excel, based on multiple criteria. Some functions, like SUMIFS, can be used in multiple rows, and use the criteria in each row.

If you're creating summaries at the top of a worksheet, or on a dashboard, you can use the DSUM function to total a column in database.

In this blog article, you'll see how to use DSUM with a named Excel table, based on multiple criteria.

Click here to see the details: DSUM and Excel Tables: Sum With Multiple Criteria

Compare Word Counts in Excel Chart

For the infographics course that I'm taking online, I created an Excel chart that was inspired by a New York Times graphic.

It shows the number of times that words were used by the Democrats and Republicans, in speeches at their national conventions.

The chart is based on a named Excel table, and updates automatically if new words are added.

Click here to see how I built the chart, and the formatting changes: Compare Word Counts in Excel Chart

Calculated Item Calculations Order

If you have more that one calculated item in a pivot table, you might run into a problem. Sometimes, multiple formulas affect the same cell, and the wrong formula is showing up in the cell.

Fortunately, you can change the pivot table's solve order, to fix the problem.

Read the details here: When Calculated Items Collide

Excel Developer conference London Jan 2013

Simon Murphy is planning another Excel Developer conference, to be held in London, in January 2013.

There are no details for the 2013 conference yet, but you can see last year's agenda here, to get an idea of how the day runs: Last Year's Agenda

You can read Simon's blog to see the planned topics, and to add your suggestions: 2013 Excel Developer conference London January 2013

Dashboard Design Competition Winners

If you're interested in dashboards, take a look at the winning entry, and the runner-up, in Stephen Few's dashboard design competition.

The runner-up used Excel 2010 to create his dashboard, and it might give you some new ideas for your designs.

See the dashboards here, and read Stephen Few's comments: 2012 Perceptual Edge Dashboard Design Competition: We Have a Winner!

8 Steps for Powerful Data Viz

Data visualization company, Accurat, has put together a slide show that explains how they create multi-layered data visualizations.

They're not using Excel, but you'll get some ideas for planning your dashboards


You can watch the slide show here: Accurat, 8 steps for powerful dataviz

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