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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Nov 27, 2012

Holiday planner, intro to Excel arrays, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures.

 -  Debra

Show Subtotals at Bottom of Pivot Field

When you add fields to the Row Labels area of a new pivot table, subtotals are automatically shown at the top of each group of items, for the outer fields.

You can turn the subtotals off, or move them to the bottom of the group, if you prefer.

pivot subtotals video

Read the details, and watch the video tutorial here: Show Subtotals at Bottom of Pivot Field

Use Excel to Plan Christmas

To help with your holiday planning, you can download my free Excel Christmas planner. It has budget sheets, a calendar, holiday meal planner, and several checklists.

If you can suggest new features or improvements for next year's version, please let me know.

Click here to see the details: Use Excel to Plan Christmas

Show Excel Sparklines for Hidden Data

Sparklines are in-cell charts that were introduced in Excel 2010. If you hide the data that the sparklines use, they'll disappear!

To fix the problem, change a setting in the sparkline group, or use a macro to change the setting for all the sparkline groups.

You can read the details here: Show Excel Sparklines for Hidden Data

Using Excel Array Formulas

Do you use Excel array formulas? If not, you'll find an easy-to-read introduction in this "Today's CPA" article.

Authors Joseph Helstrom and Patricia McCarthy use simple examples to show how you can incorporate array formulas into your Excel workbooks, such as identifying gaps in a number sequence.

Read the article (in pdf format) here: Incorporating Excel Arrays into Your Audit Plan

The Excel-lent Boss

If you're looking for a bit of Excel humour, read this entertaining article from The Register. Maybe you've met a few people like the boss, who uses "the Excel prowess he got from having someone read Excel for Idiots to him"

The boss in this article likes charts -- "Which leads to his favourite things: diagrams and KPIs. If you're going to lose sight of the underlying business then you may as well have some nice charts to keep you company, and this is where we come in."

You can read the article here: BOFH: Our Excel-lent new boss and the diagram plan

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