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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Dec 19, 2012

Show a picture in a popup comment, change all pivot charts with one filter, and more tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures.

 -  Debra

Add a Picture to an Excel Comment

Did you know that you can put a picture in an Excel popup comment, instead of text? This short video shows you the steps, and you can see how I added my company logo to a popup comment.

For written instructions, and more comment tips, please visit my Contextures website: Excel Comments - Tips

Change All Pivot Charts With One Filter

On my Contextures blog, AlexJ has shared his technique for using a single Report Filter to update multiple pivot tables. This technique uses slicers (available in Excel 2010), which are stored on a different worksheet, so they don't take up room on the dashboard.

pivot subtotals video

To see detailed instructions, and to download the sample file, click here: Change All Pivot Charts With One Filter

Hide Calculated Items With Zero Total

In a pivot table, you can create calculated items, in addition to the pivot items from the source data.

However, calculated items can create problems in your pivot table layout, such as showing cities under every region, instead of just the region in which they're located.

To get rid of those extra items, you can hide the rows with zero totals. Read the details on my Excel Pivot Table blog: Hide Calculated Items With Zero Total

Dashboard Tools - Sale at Excel User

I just learned that Charley Kyd, at Excel User, is having a sale on his dashboard tools, until this Saturday, December 22nd. Click here to visit his site, and for a 25% discount, use the code THANKS at the checkout. The Swipe File subscriptions are not included in the sale, but everything else is.

Highlight best week & month in a trend chart

On Chandoo's blog, he shows us how to use colour to highlight the best week and the best month in a line chart.

You can't use conditional formatting in a chart, the way you can add it to worksheet cells, so Chandoo adds extra series to the chart, to act like conditional formatting.

To read the details, click here: Highlight best week & month in a trend chart

Free Course: Computing for Data Analysis

If you missed the first session of Roger Peng's free course, Computing for Data Analysis, there is good news. He's offering the course again in January. This free course is available through Coursera, and starts on Jan. 2, 2013.

The course runs for four weeks, and he estimates that there will be 8-10 hours of course work per week.

To read the details, click here: Computing for Data Analysis Returns

Introduction to PowerPivot in Excel 2013

On Microsoft's Excel team blog, Diego Oppenheimer gives us an introduction to using PowerPivot in Excel 2013.

Diego focuses how PowerPivot has changed in Excel 2013, from its introduction in Excel 2010, and how you can use this add-in. He included links to other articles, if you'd like to learn more about it.

You can read the article here: Introduction to PowerPivot in Excel 2013

Shaping the Data With Camera Tool

In his Spreadsheet Journalism blog, Abbott Katz has posted part 2 of his series on using the camera tool. This week, he uses it to make a seating plan.

To read the details, click here: The Camera Tool, Part 1: Shaping the Data

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