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Excel Weekly News from Contextures Apr 30, 2013

Find and prevent Excel errors + more tips

Excel errors have been in the news lately, and it's made me think about catching my own errors. Our Toronto Blue Jays have been making plenty of mistakes lately too, and you can see a smarter kind of blue jay in my photo this week, at the end of the newsletter.

In this week's Excel news, you'll see how to find and prevent errors, add slicers to old Excel files, and other tips. Thank you for reading the Excel news!

 -  Debra

Close All Files in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 files are in separate windows, and it can take a while to close them all, if you have several files open.

Use these tips to close all the files quickly in Excel 2013: Close All Files in Excel 2013

Catching Your Excel Errors

How do you prevent and find Excel errors? Excel was in the news recently, with big news stories about errors in an economic research paper.

We all make mistakes, but what's the best way to prevent them, and find the ones that get through? Setting up spreadsheet checks and controls is a good start, and there are tools to help you too. I've found a free tool that you can use.

Click here to read the details Catching Your Excel Errors

Problems Adding Slicers in Excel 2010

Slicers were introduced in Excel 2010, and they make it easy to filter one or more pivot tables with a single click. You can use slicers with older Excel files too, if you update them first.

Click here for the details, and see how to fix problems with adding slicers to old pivot tables: Problems Adding Slicers in Excel 2010

Video: Show a Popup Message When Cell is Selected

In some worksheets, a short message might help people who are entering data. The message can explain what to enter in the cell, and it only pops up when the cell is selected.

This video shows you a quick way to add a message to a cell. The tip uses the data validation feature, but you don't need to add any data validation rules -- just show the message.

For more on data validation messages, please visit my Contextures website. Show Data Validation Messages

Excel Dashboard Course - Discount Ending

As I mentioned last week, Mynda Treacy from My Online training Hub is opening her Excel Dashboard course, for a limited time.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the registration discount -- if you sign up by 8 pm Pacific time on May 1st, you can get the course for 20% off. Use the Discount code: DASH

The course is video based, delivered online and is available 24/7. You'll receive comprehensive workbooks and sample dashboards to keep, and there's even an option to download the videos. The previous classes were very successful, and you can read the glowing reviews from the students, who loved all the techniques that they learned in the course, and are using them to impress their colleagues.

Click here to find out find out details of the course, read the student comments, and watch the 'behind the scenes' video that shows you what you'll receive as a member.

Remember, if you sign up by May 1st, you can get the dashboard course for 20% off. Use the Discount code: DASH

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Blue Jay at the Conservation Area

Blue Jays are beautiful birds, but very noisy, so it's easier to find them, than some of the quieter birds. I saw this fellow at the local conservation area last week, chirping loudly from the top of a tree.



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