Excel Weekly News from Contextures May 13, 2014

Save custom views + more Excel tips

In this week's Excel news, you'll see how to save custom views with filter and print settings, and other tips. Thank you for reading the Excel news!

 -  Debra ddalgleish@contextures.com

Show Excel Custom View Name

To save time when printing reports, you can save filter and print setting in Custom Views. NOTE: Custom Views are not available if the workbook contains a named Excel Table. Then, use formulas to show the name of the selected Custom View, on the main worksheet.

Click here to see the details, and watch the video: Show Excel Custom View Name

Better Format for Pivot Table Headings

When you create a pivot table, Excel applies a default pivot table style. If there are two or more fields in the Row Labels area, you might see dividing lines, below the item headings. These lines can make it difficult to see which group the headings are connected to. To make the pivot table easier to read, you can add blank rows, or create a new pivot table style, with lines above the headings

Click here to read the details, and watch the video: Better Format for Pivot Table Headings

Make Changes to Sample Code

On my website, there are hundreds of Excel sample files that you can download and use. Some of the files contain macros, and you might need to adjust those macros, to use them in your own files. For example, the sample code might run if a cell is changed in column C, and in your workbook, you want it to run in columns B and E. I'll show you a few ways that you can change the code.

Click here to see the details: Modify Excel VBA Code in Sample Files

More Excel Tips

Here are a few of the Excel articles that I read recently, that you might find useful:

Video: Switch Column Headings to Letters or Numbers

Usually the worksheet column headings are letters, but sometimes they switch to numbers. If you frequently need to switch the column headings from numbers to letters, or letters to numbers, you can record a macro, to make the task easier.

NOTE: If you've purchased a copy of my PivotPower Premium add-in or Excel Tools add-in, there is a command for this on the Sheets drop down (Toggle Ref Style).

First Flowers

Finally, the first flowers are blooming in our garden, after the long, cold winter. It's nice to see a splash of bright colour, instead of all that dull brown. There's still danger of overnight frost, so we can't plant the annual flowers for a couple of weeks.


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