Format pivot table numbers + more Excel tips

Excel Weekly News from Contextures September 23, 2014

In this week's Excel news, you'll see how to format pivot table numbers based on the source data formatting, and much more. Thank you for reading the Excel news, and I hope that you are enjoying the Excel articles. If you have suggestions for future topics, please let me know.

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Worksheet Combo Box Problem in Excel 2013

Some of my sample files use a combo box that appears when you click on a cell that has a drop down list. There is code that changes the combo box, so it shows the correct list for each cell. There is a problem with this, in Excel 2013, if you use a list that is directly based on a formatted Excel table.

Click here to see the details: Worksheet Combo Box Problem in Excel 2013

Copy Pivot Table Source Number Formatting

When you add number fields to a pivot table, they usually appear in the General format. I've created a macro that will format all the number fields, based on the formatting that you have used in the source data.

Click here to see the details, and download the sample file: Copy Pivot Table Source Number Formatting

More Excel Tips

Here are a few of the Excel articles that I read recently, that you might find useful:

Excel Announcements

Here are some upcoming events, courses, recently published books, and other new items, related to Excel:

Video: Compare Cells with EXACT Function

You can use the EXACT function to compare text and values in two cells, to see if they are exactly the same. Use it on the worksheet, or in a data validataion formula.

Fall Pumpkins

It's officially fall now, here in Canada, and I took this photo last week, at a historical park. I love the old brick house, and the bright fall colors in the flowers and pumpkins. I hope you're enjoying good weather too!


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