7 Ways to Count + more Excel tips

Excel Weekly News from Contextures March 31, 2015

There are many ways to count things in Excel, and we'll take a look at 7 of them, and many more tips, in this week's Excel news. I've changed the newsletter format, and I hope you find it easier to read!

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1. This week's posts

In case you missed them, here are the articles that I posted recently:

7 Ways to Count in Excel

Weekly collection of Excel tweets

2. Dashboard highlighting

Robert Mundigl shows how to highlight a specific item in several places, in an Excel dashboard. For example, make the data for Germany stand out in a line chart, map and bar chart, by colouring it blue.

3. Project management with Excel

In the Project Management Podcast, Doug Hong shares his tips for using Excel for project management tasks. Do you ever get formula fatigue, as Doug mentions?

4. Excel forums

Which Excel forums do you use, when you have an Excel question? Jeff Weir looks at some favourites, and the comments have great suggestions too. I still miss the old Microsoft newsgroups.

5. New DAX formulas

Chris Webb shows how to use CONCATENATX one of the new DAX functions that you can use with Power Pivot in Excel 2016. For example, if you sold apples to 3 customers, it will show all 3 names, separated by commas Fred, Chris, Joe.

6. Your name in an Excel book

Enter Jeff Weir's caption contest, to try to win a copy of his upcoming Excel book. Improve on his photo captions, and you might see your name and caption in his book.

7. Change chart background

Chandoo shows two ways to change the background color on a chart, depending on a cell value. One method used VBA and the other uses conditional formatting.

8. Video: Create a Gantt chart

After listening to the podcast about using Excel for project management, I remembered my video that shows how to create a Gantt chart in Excel. It's a quick and easy way to see the tasks for a small project.

9. Last minute discount

The Amsterdam Excel Summit will start in a couple of weeks (April 13-15), and organizer, Jan Karel Pieterse let me know that they are offering a last minute discount. You'll get a 200 Euro discount if you register now.

10. Fancy birthday cake

Last week, my granddaughter turned 5, and had a birthday party, with a fancy cake, that looks too pretty to eat! On top of the cake is Elsa, from her favourite movie, Frozen. Did you have fancy cakes at your birthday parties, or just a few candles on top, like I had?


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