Tools for Pivot Table Power Users

Excel Pivot Tables are a big part of your job -- you build hundreds of them! And you want to get straight to the data analysis, without wasting your time formatting every one of those pivot tables.

Get the Pivot Power Premium (PPP) add-in for Excel, and it will do the grunt work for you.

With just a few clicks, PPP can do all of this:

  • Copy and apply format settings from another pivot table -- don't start from scratch
  • Set up all the number formatting at once -- don't do one column at a time
  • Remove "Sum of" from every column -- don't edit each heading individually
  • Fix the "Count" columns that Excel created -- change all to "Sum" or another function
  • Manage your pivot tables - list all pivot tables and caches, change cache or create new cache
  • And many more time-saving pivot table commands

How many minutes would that save you, every time you build a new pivot table? How many hours could you save in a month? Or a year?

Save Your Settings

Don't waste time setting up every new pivot table. Grab settings from one pivot table, and apply them to another -- or to all pivot tables in the workbook. Store your favourite settings to apply at any time.

remove sum of from headings with PPP add-in

Get Rid of "Sum Of"

Remove the "Sum of" and "Count of" in all the pivot table headings, with a single click.

remove sum of from headings with PPP add-in

Change Number Formatting

Choose a number format, and quickly format all the selected Value fields. Don't spend time formatting each field individually.

remove sum of from headings with PPP add-in

Fast Fix for Functions

When you create a pivot table, does Excel make some number fields show a COUNT, instead of a SUM? With the PPP add-in, that problem is easy to fix.

remove sum of from headings with PPP add-in

Many More Features

In addition to the features described above, there are many more time-saving commands in the Pivot Power Premium add-in.

  • Pivot Fields and Items: Clear old items, show/hide items with no data, repeat labels every row

  • Pivot Table: List Pivot Tables, Restrict/Allow Features, Go to source data, Print PivotTable

  • Filters and Cache: Clear filters, clear report filters, allow multiple filters, Cache List, Change Cache

  • Workbook: Hide/Show Tabs, Scrollbars, Headings, Gridlines, Page Breaks, Zero Values

Video: PPP Quick Tour

Watch this short video to get a quick tour of the PPP tab in Excel, and see some of the key commands that will help you save time when working with pivot tables.

Buy the Pivot Power Premium Add-in

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NOTE: This kit is for Excel 2007 or later. It is for Windows versions only -- not designed for Macintosh Excel

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Shortly after you pay for the Pivot Power Premium add-in, you will get a download link. Unzip the downloaded file, and there are installation instructions in the folder.

If you have't received the link within 30 minutes, please contact me:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a guarantee if I buy PPP?

A: Yes, after you purchase the Pivot Power Premium add-in, you may return it for any reason, within 30 days. Your purchase amount will be fully refunded.

Q: Can I install the PPP add-in on more than one computer?

A: Yes, the Pivot Power Premium add-in is licensed to a single user, and can be installed on that user's home and/or work computers.

Q: How do I learn how to use the PPP?

A: The Getting Started guide shows how to install the PPP. There is a User Guide in the kit, and screen tips appear when you point to the commands on the PPP toolbar.

Q: Can I get new versions, if you update PPP?

A: If this product is updated in the future, you will be able to download the latest version, at no additional cost. Product updates are announced in the Contextures Weekly Excel News, and the latest version numbers are shown at the bottom of the Contextures Excel Products page.

Q: Will this work in all versions of Excel and all types of pivot tables?

A: PPP creates a Ribbon tab, and is for Excel 2007, and later versions. Some PPP commands, such as "Repeat Item Labels" or "Distinct Count", only work in Excel versions and pivot table types, where that option is available.

Q: Will PPP work on a Macintosh?

A: The PPP add-in is for Windows only -- it does not work with Excel for Macintosh.

Q: Who do I contact with questions or suggestions?

A: If you have comments or suggestions, please contact

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes, discounts are automatically applied if you buy 2 or more Contextures products in one transaction. See the list below, for details.

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Discounts for Multiple Items

When you purchase more than one copy of a Contextures product, or purchase multiple products, in the same order, Contextures Inc. is pleased to offer the following discounts.

These percentage discounts are applied automatically to your order.

  • For 2 items -- 10% discount
  • For 3 items -- 15% discount
  • For 4 items -- 20% discount
  • For 5 items -- 25% discount
  • For 20 items -- 35% discount
  • For 50 items -- 40% discount
  • For 100 or more items -- 50% discount




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